Square-Enix has talent and a heavily lobotomized fanbase.

First off… FInal Fantasy 13 is nothing special.  A great game… Probably… Memorable? Possibly.  Time will tell.

What was their last absolute smash packed jam hit?  Probably Final Fantasy X.   Though I don’t see what the fuss is about with that one.  It is a good game… but you can put lipstick on any shitty game… call it Final Fantasy and SOMEBODY will treat it like gold dookie.

Say what you want about every single lackluster effort since FFX… One thing is undeniable.

Square-Enix are colossal, arrogant, dimwitted … douchebags.

They’ve managed to repackage Chrono Trigger twice, countless final fantasy games and a whole slew of other shit gamers didn’t know they wanted till they saw “Squaresoft” / “Square-Enix” branded on the front/side.

But now that PSN is doing it kinda big with putting PSX games on PSN – You’d think the supreme lords of double and triple dipping (They beat Konami AND Capcom) would have more than just a few FF titles online.

Recently they’ve discussed putting FF9 on PSN… They actually had to discuss this.  This is how they are spending your FF13 money.  They had to propose something that is a no brainer. 


Final Fantasy 7 is on PSN… around a year later… Final Fantasy 8 hits PSN… Both are considered successes…  So after a while, some lightbulb goes off in a SE employees head and thinks “Wait a sec.. Didn’t FF9 come out 10 years ago?  OOOH 10 year anniversary” ….

NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT A 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Its not that memorable of a game!~! Just put the fucking game online and charge us 10 bucks for it already. You don’t need to discuss this!!!!!!

You actually called a game… Final Fantasy X-2 … Not Final Fantasy “EX” Two…. Final Fantasy TEN TWO…… Is Yuna fly fishing? Driving? If you wanted to discuss something… it was then!

This is why I have the need to punch you guys in the throat. All of you. 

I’m not fooled by any of this.  Square doesn’t listen to their fans.  They make the games they want to make and KUDOS for doing it.  But if they listened to their fans… You know damn well what you’d be playing

Chrono Trigger 3 or Final Fantasy 7: HD

In conclusion… I look forward to FF 13: Versus as well as Agito (Sp?) because in all honesty… you make playable triple A games 99.9999%… and that’s something I can’t say of most developers with 20+ years in the biz.

But the problem is this… Bioware & Bathesda…  Hell even Level 5 has a more innovative property on their hands.

All I’m saying is that Sq-Enix better revolutionize or evolve the RPG because sooner or later somebody is going to notice that Square-Enix isn’t actually *THAT* good.  And you’ll notice some things on that list…

Like Final Fantasy 14… and Final Fantasy 15…  I can’t believe these words haven’t lost all meaning.

After saying there will be a decade of Final Fantasy XIII .. you’re kinda shooting yourselves in the face with buckshot here…



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