Actually… Your campaign is kinda… Uhh.. Happy

As if the Homosexual community doesn’t feel society’s ignorance enough. Now (and for the duration of the history of popular online gaming) they have to deal with constantly hearing the word “gay” being thrown around. Man… That’s tough. I can’t imagine how that feels.

But as a gamer.. and someone who uses the phrase “That’s so gay” from time to time… Let me shed some light on this whole thing. And maybe piss some gasoline on a dying flame…

I’m gonna go out on a limb… and say there is a war brewing between Gays and Gamers. So…Gay Gamers… PICK A SIDE!! THIS IS WAR!

For those who don’t know… way back in August, I reported on a waste of tax money ad campaign that wants to…. I dunno.. I think they want to do some sort of reverse psychology that stereotypes Cheerleaders, Jocks and Gamers.

The problem is…. I’m no cheerleader or Jock… but if a gamer is talking about somebody’s sexual orientation… it’s either Fag or dyke. And even the word “fag” is up for debate but one step at a time… Let’s start with Gay.

The problem with this campaign is the fact that you’re attacking people who are using the word gay.. in the same way one would say something is “bad” when they mean it is good. Gay used to mean happy or good before it was straight jacked by the homosexual community porchmonkey Clerks II style. So now.. in the modern world where bad means good and SICK means Really good… Gay now means lame or sad. Period. And there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it but get used to it.

When a derogatory word is used for nothing but one thing… then complain… I don’t wanna sound cold but when a gamer says “don’t be gay” or “thats so gay” they aren’t talking about homosexuals. So this campaign feels like gamers are being targeted for no reason.

I realize homophobia exists, but out of all the homophobic communities out there. I assure you that your average gamer doesn’t give a shit about your sexual orientation (unless you’re beating them) even if you’re insecure about it.

Hey, I know being gay Homosexual is no picnic and that your community is still feeling the pinch of inequality. That shit sucks. But maybe the focus should be on the issues. Instead of picking a fight with gamers. You don’t want to do that. Gamers can and will ruin you. Just ask Cooper Lawrence who simply said something stupid.

So… To the good folks at your heart is in the right place. But your targets are wrong. And to the good folks at… you just wanted attention so…
Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

P.S. Your list was hilarious. You had to use the Hubble Telescope to find the gay in 99% of the games you listed. Just like Cooper Lawrence, you ought to try playing them first.


MyNutsHaveSpoken! Uh-Bitch-Bitch


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