Take Two made dumber than dumb choices in 09

I don’t wanna drag this out because I love their work.  GTA (Italian air kiss) Max Payne (DELISSIOSO!)

Yet… for some flippen reason they are confused as to why their recent efforts to milk what they thought was a cash cow Fell Flat
I’ll tell you why…  GTA IV… great game… Replay Value… UGH… I dunno… but its really low.  I beat it twice (2nd time was purely to if I could get the gold for beating it under 30 hours) And I haven’t gone back and not even two DLC packs (Which are not even available to me) would get me to go back to a game I played in 2000
The statement goes on to say that between 2010’s Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and BIO-FREAKEN-SHOCK 2… They don’t think they can turn a profit.  Ok look.. Your development costs are obviously WAY WAY too high.  Maybe Max Payne wont destroy sales records… But Bioshock 2 should at least help you break even.   I’m going to purchase 2 of the 3 titles mentioned and I’m sure one of them (Max Payne 3) will be OFF THE HOOK!
Back to GTA 4 for a minute…. See.. You thought because you did like 8 million units worldwide that you had a good game on your hands. And you did.  One which … from beginning to end was an enjoyable ride.  HOWEVER! — It was just a GTA 3 expansion in HD.  Anything that you added…. was negated by what you removed. (RPG elements from San Andreas, The sheer map size, the girlfriend mechanics, and THE HUMOR) — So The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony or whatever it is called may have been worthy … .They just aren’t what GTA players worldwide want to play.   Here… I’ll help you… GTA: Cape Disappointment (Which may not work because its a real place)  But go with me… Make it like you’re making San Andreas 2…  That way it will be awesome!~! and if nobody plays it, you can say it was in the title and you’ll know that gamers are done with GTA for now.
Finally… I take great exception to them acting like they give a shit about GTA on the PSP… That’s bullshit and they know it.  ANY and EVERY GTA-PSP owner will tell you…. 1) Fuck Chinatown Wars in the ASS with chalk dust.  2) Where the hell is San Andreas Stories?  — You wanna turn a profit on a portable system… SAN ANDREAS STORIES!!
You don’t get to port a shitty half assed game (by PSP standards) and cry about your failure.
Have a Coke and a smile and shut the fuck up!
Jaded Gamer

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