Facebook is making me do this… P.S. I’m BAAAAAAAACK

Alright… This will be the only post that will appear the exact same in my personal and public blogs.

The reason for the doubling up of blogs is simple. This social networking shit is making you social creepers absolutely fucking nuts. It seems within the last few months or so that my facebook page has become a magnet for drama and that sort of thing.  I don’t know when it started or if it was the weather or something but too many people are turning my Facebook page into toilet paper… So let me go over some shit…

  Have some fuckin dignity.  Yeah, cursin and cussin and having fun is fine and all that but keep in mind Facebook leaves a digital print of you online… do you really want other people you know, important people or somebody in control of your career or paycheque to notice you bragging about your sexual conquests, or WAAAAAAAAY out of context/left field remarks that just leave you (and me for being your friend) looking like a disgusting person?

  This one is self explanatory either you feel it or you don’t.

  I prune this bitch to MY liking … not to yours.  . . so if somebody says something in violation of previous rules or any rules which may or may not follow… what you say may end up on the cutting room floor.  BUT However, keep in mind that the touchpad on my laptop is uber sensitive so if there is a screwed up word or something that is deleted, it could be an accidental tap on the touchpad.  With that, its a case of what’s done is done. I may not have meant to delete a thread or your post or my post or this link or that link.

   If a mutual friend decides to say something controversial on my page, that’s their own deal.  I’ll check to see if it offends my morality code and deal with it if I need to. But if for some reason somebody says something on my page you don’t agree with… say it right on the page… DO NOT MESSAGE me to bitch.  I don’t even care if I agree with you, we can talk about that OTR some other time.  Don’t bitch about eachother through me… hell half the time I don’t really like either one of you.


THIS BLOG! .. Whichever iteration of this Blog be it Jaded Gamer or This Yet To Be Re-Titled page.  THIS! is the place where you can comment on anything I say without edit.  Any comment here wont be subject to my law (unless its just really dumb) and you can get as nasty as you want and totally leave this page smelling like dead fish and hot dog flavored water. This is the place for it.  So please… KEEP THAT SHIT AWAY FROM MY FACEBOOK.


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